When I first began, I was on gabapentin and NSAIDs for pain, and even so, my pain was as high as a seven or eight most evenings and my ability to speak was severely limited. I was also taking all of my nutrition in liquid form. Now, with no pain medicine at all, I even have some days with no pain. While some pain lingers (most days the pain level is at 1, 2, or 3 at the very highest), it is so vastly reduced, and manageable by sucking on ice and/or taking NSAIDs, that I can speak as much as I want to, and I am able to chew food. I have also had a remarkable improvement (though not a complete recovery) in saliva production, and my otolaryngologist confirmed this week that my fibrosis, swelling, and inflammation are all significantly decreased.

While the HBOT treatments themselves are the direct cause of these improvements, please let me repeat that none of this would have been possible without the human element I encountered at Medina Hospital, among the physicians and staff who provide the HBOT treatments in the Wound Center Team”

— Suzanne L. at our Medina Center