Thank you for considering MHC! Thank you for entrusting the care of your patients with us, we deeply appreciate it. At MHC, we are committed to providing the best quality of care for our patients. We are a leader in multiplace chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy, working closely with the largest area hospitals and wound centers.

We are dedicated to safely healing patients, where our patients have the level of highest satisfaction with our staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Your patients will work directly with our provider to create a plan of care that works for them. In addition, weekly follow ups with our providers ensure your patient’s individual needs are being met and they can offer treatment feedback. When your patients are with us, they are treated like family.

In order for your patients to get started, they need a referral from you!

Our referral process is easy:

  1. Contact  to our of centers and ask for a referral form. Or download the forms HERE.
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Fax or email the form to our center’s practice managers
  4. They will contact the patient directly to schedule their consult with one of providers to start treatment

New to Hyperbaric Medicine?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a specialized treatment that delivers pressurized, 100% pure oxygen to promote healing in the body. This oxygen enhances  infection-fighting cells in the body, like white blood cells, ability to heal injured areas while also increasing the development of new blood vessels, connective tissue, and organ’s functions. Other HBOT benefits include reduced swelling, reduced pain, increased collagen production, and overall increased tissue strength.

For the best results, we recommend patients attend the two hour treatment sessions six times a week, thus ensuring daily oxygen levels are maintained at a higher level for optimum healing. However, we know that sometimes that attendance schedule is not always possible, and we will work with your patients to create a treatment schedule that maximizes results.

Diagnoses we treat with HBOT:

– Bone/tissue injury resulting from radiation therapy

– Diabetic ulcers

– Chronic non-healing diabetic foot wounds

– Chronic bone infection

– Chronic refractory osteomyelitis

– Compromised skin grafts and flaps

– Soft tissue radionecrosis

– Osteoradionecrosis

– Sudden Hearing loss

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