Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions about MHC, your treatment or hyperbaric medicine?

1. Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy work? 

Yes. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been shown to be extremely effective in healing or reducing the severity of wounds. In patients who comply with the treatment regimen recommended by their doctors, healing rates of 85-95% are the norm. 

Find out more: literature sources and HBOT in the news.

2. What conditions are typically treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? 

Common medical conditions treated with HBOT include chronic, non-healing diabetic foot wounds, compromised skin grafts/flaps, chronic bone infection and bone/tissue injury resulting from radiation therapy. 

3. What are the benefits of HBOT?

  • Enhancement of the body’s natural healing process  
  • Increased oxygen to areas with compromised blood flow  
  • Increased growth of new and repairing damaged blood vessels 
  • Enhanced formation of collagen and new tissue growth  
  • Improved immune system response to possible infection or pathogen  
  • Enhanced removal of toxins from your bodies’ cells 
  • Improved brain cell function  
  • Restoring oxygen to damaged tissues and cells  
  • Assisting with impaired circulation
  • Reduced swelling, inflammation, infection, scarring, and recovery time surrounding surgery 
  • Enhanced white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria and fungi 

4. Does insurance cover the cost of HBOT treatments? 

Most insurance companies cover hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including Medicare and Medicaid. We will assist in obtaining verification of coverage from your insurance company prior to starting treatments. 

5. Can I visit the hyperbaric center before I start treatments? 

Absolutely. All you need to do is contact our facility closest to you and our team will set up a visit to that center. 

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6. How do I get started? 

We are a referral-based program, meaning we need a referral from a provider. Unfortunately we do not take walk-ins. Click here to find out more to our referral process and starting treatment

7. What is a typical treatment plan? 

Our providers will work with you to create a schedule that works best for you and your life. However, each hyperbaric treatment, also called a “dive”, is 2 hours long, and for best results, we encourage patients to come 6 times a week. 

The total number of treatments is decided on an individual basis, but typically 4 to 7 weeks of treatments are required for the desired healing to occur. 

8. What is the difference between Monoplace Chambers and a Multiplace Center? 

Monoplace Chambers only accommodates a single patient and the entire vessel is pressurized with 100% oxygen, which the patient breathes directly.  

A Multiplace Center can hold two or more people (patients, support personnel, observers) and the treatment room is pressurized with plain air; the patients breathe 100% oxygen with appropriate head gear. 

Mobile Hyperbaric Centers uses only multiplace treatment rooms, to ensure that our technicians can support our patients. Our treatment rooms have small windows and comfortable seating is provided. 

9. What can I expect during a treatment? 

Before each treatment, you will change into a cotton uniform provided by the staff. Your vital signs will be measured, and you will be evaluated by our on-site, presiding physician. You will then enter the spacious treatment room and sit comfortably in theatre-style seating.

A trained technician will be by your side throughout the entire treatment. 
As the treatment begins and the room pressurizes, you may notice “popping” or fullness in your ears as your body adjusts to the changes. The room will get a little warmer, but never to the point of being uncomfortable.

When the treatment pressure is reached, one of our trained technicians will carefully place a clear, plastic head gear over your head. 100% pure oxygen will start to flow.  You can then sit back and relax, read, nap or watch a movie. 

When the session has concluded, you will be assisted out of the treatment room, and you will change back into your regular clothes. Your head gear and hood will be sanitized and stored for your next treatment.  

9. How will I feel after a treatment? 

You will probably find that you feel invigorated or have increased energy after a treatment. You are free to go about your daily routine as normal, including driving or returning to work. 

10. Can I do anything to improve the quality of my treatment? 

Yes. There are several things you can do to improve your success. 

  • Always attend appointments. Regular, consistent attendance will help you the most. 
  • If you smoke, consider stopping or at least cutting down. The smoking reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to your healing tissues. All the benefits of HBOT will be increased if you quit. 
  • Try to get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet. These elements are key to the healing process. See more tips Here