Why MHC?

Here’s what to expect when you start treatment with MHC:  COVID-19 Update: Surfaces are sanitized after each and every patient. We are committed to safe practices and we take all the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC, including wearing masks and gloves, and surfaces are cleaned with sanitizing agents.  Weekly detailed checkups with our providers: Every 7 to 10 days, one of our providers will meet with […]

Suzanne Lewis’s Story

Suzanne Lewis’ Story with MHC at Medina Hospital

Our Testimonials

Karen, Medina Hospital
“My experience with the hyperbaric team was a very positive one. You all made the daily grind of this treatment much more tolerable than I expected. I am truly amazed at this treatment and would highly recommend it. Thanks to all of the team membe...
Suzanne L. at our Medina Center
“ When I first began, I was on gabapentin and NSAIDs for pain, and even so, my pain was as high as a seven or eight most evenings and my ability to speak was severely limited. I was also taking all of my nutrition in liquid form. Now, with no ...
Patient at our Southwest General Center
“My wounds were healed in a matter of weeks rather then months and or years like previous wounds I had…the staff was amazing I felt very welcomed and cared for by the staff…Keep up the great work and try not to lose the staff they are amazing an...
Patient at our Parkwest Medical Center
“I would recommend someone to MHC. The main reason for that recommendation was that the Parkwest MHC center that I used operated professionally in the treatment of its patients. There was a consistency of services and the facility was well-run. T...
Patient at our Parkwest Center
“I would most definitely recommend Mobile Hyperbaric [Center] and have already in the last year. My reason for the recommendations are due to the results I received. Surgery was not an option for me due to the amount of radiation I had recei...
Patient’s Wife at our Medina Center
“When my wheelchair bound, Diabetic husband with 1 kidney, Parkinson’s and poor circulation faced a dismal diagnosis with foot wounds that would not heal, amputations were sure to follow. Many Friends and Family offered Prayers for a miracle....
Patient’s Wife at our Medina Center
“The staff at the hyperbaric unit and wound center were wonderful to us. Frank was treated with kindness and respect, and made to feel comfortable by Shannon, Kim, Dr. Ferrini, Dr. Lockhart, and all the staff.  Bobby at Freedom to Go was also ve...
Patient at Euclid Center
“The technician were wonderful and put me at ease from day one. [T]hey really care about the people they are treating. I was having flare ups with clots and bleeding every other week. I liked the open chamber vs. the single treatment option. I...


+ How Do I Start Treatment?
If you have treatable condition, talk to your doctor about MHC and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as treatment option. We have multiple locations, see which center one works best for you and your schedule here. Next, your provider will send a referral ... http://www.mhcenters.com/faqs/
+ Can I do anything to improve the quality of my treatment?
Yes. There are several things you can do to improve your success.  Always attend appointments. Regular, consistent attendance will help you the most.  If you smoke, consider stopping or at least cutting down. The smoking reduces the amount of ox... http://www.mhcenters.com/faqs/
+ How will I feel after a treatment?
You will probably find that you feel invigorated or have increased energy after a treatment. You are free to go about your daily routine as normal, including driving home.  http://www.mhcenters.com/faqs/
+ What is the difference between Monoplace Chambers and a Multiplace Center?
Monoplace Chambers only accommodates a single patient and the entire vessel is pressurized with 100% oxygen, which the patient breathes directly.   A Multiplace Center can hold two or more people (patients, support personnel, observers)... http://www.mhcenters.com/faqs/

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