What to Expect During a Dive  

When you first arrive to one of our centers, you will be checked in and asked to change into scrubs and cotton socks. We have secure lockers to keep your clothes during your dive. While you wait for the dive to begin, a technician will take your vitals, including temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and ask about any pain you might be havingIf you are diabetic, we will also closely monitor your glucose levels during treatment.  

At MHC, our chamber is a room where up to ten patients and a technician spend two hours at a time for treatment.  

When the treatment (also called “Dive”) begins, the chamber is pressurized. The pressure you will feel is similar to the pressure you feel on your eardrum in an airplane cabin, only more intense, and you will be instructed on how to “clear” your ears.  This is typically done by pinching your nose and blowing.  Some patients chew gum, or drink a beverage thru a straw. The pressurization process takes about 10 minutes. 

Next our technicians will place a specialized head gear over your head. This is what provides the 100% pure oxygen to you. From there, relax and breathe normally, the treatment is working! 

While you sit with your specialized headgear on, you can relax, watch a movie, or read all while a technician is there to monitor you and the other patients during the dive 

Halfway through the dive, the technician will take off part of your headgear and you can take a drink.  This is called an “air break” and will last 5 minutes.  Some patients have a second air break. 

Once over, head gear will be securely placed back on to finish reminder of the dive. Towards the end of the two-hour dive, you will start to feel the chamber depressurize. The technicians will once again, remove your head gear and escort you and the other patients out of the chamber and back into the waiting area. Then a technician will take your vitals again. Once finished, you are free to change back into your clothes and continue with the rest of your day!  

After all the patients have exited the chamber, our technicians diligently and meticulously sanitize all the surfaces and the head gear 

What to Expect during a Follow up Visit  

What to Expect during a Follow up Visit  

Every seven to ten days, one of our providers will do an in-depth follow up visit in one of our exam roomsto monitor your progress and access where you are with your treatment.  

During the visit, our providers will take a detailed history and how you have been doing and feeling with treatment. This includes documenting any changes due to healing, improvement of symptoms, and any questions, comments, or concerns you might have.  

We also work with the doctor that referred you, giving him updates of your care with us and make sure HBOT is right for you.  

These follow up visits are usually done on a day where you also have a dive. We will work with you create a schedule of follow up visits that works for you.  

A similar visit will be performed when you are discharged from our care 


Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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