Our Parkwest Staff

Our Providers

Dr. Vaughan Hall, M.D., FAAFP - Chief Clinical Officer at MHC

Dr. Charles Wilder, M.D.

Dr. Lindsey Harrell, M.D.

Dr. Megumi Maynard, M.D.

Our Practice Manager

J. Chris Caldwell

Chris will be your point of contact for scheduling treatments and answering any questions or concerns you may about your treatment. 

Our Technicians

The technicians will assist you moving in and out of the chamber and ensuring your head gear is in place. They are also happy to answer and questions you may have during treatment as we also have a technician in the chamber with our patients. 

What our patients have to say about our Parkwest Staff

"The staff behavior consistently showed that they cared about their patients. They called me by name from the first day that I entered the MHC." 

" I have had an excellent experience working with the staff and an easy time coming back."


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PROVIDERS: Have a patient you would like to start treatment with us?


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