Medina Center's Staff

Our Providers

Eric Lockhart, M.D.

Vincent "Vince" Ferrini, M.D., FACEP, UHM -- Chief Medical Officer at MHC

Candice "Candi" Davis, CNP

Our Practice Manager

Shannon Regal

Shannon will be your point of contact for scheduling treatments and answering any questions or concerns you may about your treatment.

Our Technicians

The technicians will assist you moving in and out of the chamber and ensuring your head gear is in place. They are also happy to answer and questions you may have during treatment as we also have a technician in the chamber with our patients.

What Patients have said about our Medina Staff

"The staff at the hyperbaric unit and wound center were wonderful to us. Frank was treated with kindness and respect, and made to feel comfortable by Shannon, Kim, Dr Ferrini, Dr Lockhart, and all the staff."

"Dr. Ferrini and Dr. Lockhart with a great team of Technicians and nurses brought Bill through 60 days of dives in this technological wonder-The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber."

"Dr. Eric Lockhart and Dr. Vincent Ferrini, and including the entire staff (Donna, Shannon, Chris, Tony, and Sam), every member of personnel would ask me and each of the patients how we were doing. If I or any of the other patients said, "fine" or "good," they would ask for details or otherwise make certain that this was true."

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