Tips for Healthier Lifestyle and to help improve your HBOT results:  

Did you know that improving your eating habits, weight management, and daily movement cannot only increase your quality of life, but can also increase your HBOT treatment healing rates?  

Remember to start small. Pick one or two of these tips and try to add them into your life. Once you feel confident, start adapting more.  

  1. Drink more water. Drink a glass with each meal.  
  2. Sit down when you eat  
  3. Take the stairs, park further away, walk the dog, do your chores, talk a walk after dinner (increase your movement) 
  4. Try to get 6,000 Steps 
  5. Limit (or Quit) tobacco and nicotine. Smoking can seriously limit your healing with HBOT   
  6. Add a vegetable to your meals (Try frozen vegetables as they are less expensive)  
  7. Limit sugary or overly proceeded foods (Start small: cut down from 1x day, to 3-4x a week, to 2-3x week, to 1-2x week) 
  8. Limit snacking in between meals  

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